Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


What is

In the digital era like today everything becomes easier and simpler. No exception in terms of shopping. Nowadays people prefer to shop using online system. By using the system people are more efficient in terms of time. In addition, online shopping also provides a separate experience and different from other systems. The consumer simply selects the item he wants to buy without having to exhaust himself to get around. Coupled with easy access, the consumer only needs to have a gadget and internet access, with the fulfillment of these two consumers are able to shop just like when consumers come directly to a store. Thus The Foodhall innovates and wants to offer a different experience when you shop. With well-built system and modern The Foodhall is ready to pamper loyal consumers with various online-based services for consumers to feel comfortable in shopping layakanya consumers come to the supermarket The Foodhall itself.

How do I shop in

Shopping at The Foodhall is easy, here are the steps:

     1. Register your account, click "sign in" at the top right of the website page, then fill in the data correctly

     2. If you are an employee of The Foodhall please click "Employee Registration" on the bottom side of the website, then fill in the data correctly.

     3. Log in to your account.

     4. Add the product to the cart!

     5. Checkout process

     6. Enter your home address and shipping address

     7. Select the delivery method of "pickup store"

     8. Choose a payment method

     9. Delivery of goods (Drop of goods in Sahid Sudirman Center lt.37 Sakura Room)

     10. Take your order

 Do you ship to my location?

 Currently, we only have drop your grocery service to Sahid Sudirman Center, Floor 37, Sakura room, for the future we will re-develop our delivery service.

 How fast do you deliver?

 If you order goods before 12.00 pm then we will deliver your goods at 15:00 pm, but if you order goods exceeding 12.00 pm hours then we will send your goods

 the next day at 15.00 pm

 How long we should wait for an item to be ready if it’s “out of stock” ?
  If this problem occurs in our online store, then we will look for stock items to our other stores. So that the applicable rules that consumers should not cancel the order. We are committed to fulfill all your goods orders.
 Is there a minimum purchase?

 Minimum purchase in one transaction is Rp. 100,000

 How much for the shipping cost?

 Shipping cost is Free

 How do I make a change to my order?

 If you have completed the transaction and make payment then you can not change your order, If you need help you can contact us by email at or you can use our quick    service via live chat available on our website at 09.00 am-12.00 pm and 14.00pm-17.00pm

 How do I report a problem with my order ?

 If you have any problem with your order, you can report it to us via or you can use our quick service via live chat which is available on our website at 09.00-12.00 and    14.00pm-17.00pm

 How do I get my receipt ?

 You will receive your proof of purchase when you have finished making payments

 Who will select my items?

 Your groceries will be selected by trained Personal Shoppers.

 Who will deliver my order?

 Your orders will be delivered by trained delivery drivers.

 My questions is not in this FAQ?

 If you have another question you can reach our Customer Service by email at