Senayan City, November 16th, 2014.

It's fun to watch a bunch of kids putting all their effort in making their own simple dish, at the same time enjoying the activities as if they were just playing but at the same time being creative. That's the idea behind our Kids Cooking Class program. It doesn't matter if your kids never go to the kitchen or (you think) do not have talent to be a professional chef. One thing we can assure they will have a great quality time while you are shopping in our stores.

As the children enjoying their adventure in making their own "breaded potato", our chef carefully observe which kid really put their effort and having much fun in making the dish. At the end of the class, the kids get a goodie bag and certificate for their participation.

Note our next Kids Cooking Class on November 30th, at TheFoodHall Pondok Indah Mall.